The course is complemented by an online component, MathLab.   The strength of MathLab is its vast array of learning enrichment features, learning aids, and multimedia support options for students.

Students find their way around in MathLab very quickly and students enjoy the flexibility of choosing from PowerPoints, podcasts, video lectures or animations to aid their study of the material.   I have offered MathLab seeing notable advancement in understanding, participation levels and satisfaction with mastery of a broad array of mathematical topics and applications.

Do you want to know why students who use MathLab really like it?

With the electronic grading process, students get hints, step-by-step help, and positive feedback every time they complete work correctly. This builds momentum and corrects problems before they have a chance to solidify. For most students, completing homework in the online environment is far more effective than completing it in a traditional environment.

Last modified: Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 9:54 AM